Lomi - Kitchen Countertop Food Recycler

The best investment you'll make in your kitchen.

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Highest standard of responsibility

Carbon neutral operation

Fill your bucket

Simply fill Lomi with your food scraps or whatever you don't eat.

Press One Button

It’s truly that effortless. Reduce your kitchen waste, smells, and pests.

Put the dirt to work

Lomi Earth is scientifically proven to create greener lawns and abundant gardens.

Transform the way you do the trash.

Keep your kitchen cleaner for longer, and effortlessly reduce waste by up to 80%. Turn your everyday food scraps into nutrient-rich soil, ready for the garden with every use.

Backed by science

We’re obsessed with turning waste into value. Our team of scientists and engineers have spent years developing and testing Lomi. Our goal? Transform household foodwaste into an asset that helps rebuild the world’s soil...which turns back into food!

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Lomi In the News

"This sleek countertop composter from Pela, turns scraps into soil with the push of a button."

"After spending two weeks using the Lomi, I can report that it does what it's supposed to, felt great to cut down on my carbon footprint—and I had fun with it, too."

"Lomi is an innovative new way to have a positive impact on the environment and your home."

Our Impact

Lomi’s advanced technology keeps scraps out of landfills, which reduces your carbon footprint, and transforms them into fertilizer that makes your plants thrive - and we can prove it!

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More than 200,000 households are using Lomi to reduce their food waste.

"Converted skeptic"

I have to admit I was skeptical, but after the 1st use I saw it does exactly as advertised. I feel good that I can help the environment with this product. 

- Kristina G
Verified Buyer

"No more fruit flies"

This thing is SO easy to use. I have always loved the idea of composting but past attempts have left me with fruit flies all over my kitchen. The Lomi allows me to speed up the composting time and avoid the pests! Highly recommend! 

- Shawn O.
Verified Buyer

"We love this product!"

We used to have trash pickup once a week and the bins were overflowing. Now, with lomi everything goes in there and we barely fill half of the trash can every week! It showed us how much organic waste we have that can be recycled and reused. We have plenty of dirt for our garden. 

- Angela A.
Verified Buyer

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